Introduction Preface Table of Abbreviations


The Authority and Jurisdiction of Parliament 


Composition of Parliament 


Rajya Sabha 

Lok Sabha 


President in Relation to Parliament 

President and Council of Ministers 

President's Right to Information 

President and Houses of Parliament 

Other Functions of the President 

Legislative Powers of the President 

Powers during Emergency 

Limitations on the Powers of the President 

Impeachment of the President 

Succession to Presidency 


Relations between the Houses 

Communication between the Houses 

Joint Committee of the Houses 

Joint Sitting of the Houses 


Election of President, Vice-President and Members of Parliament 

Election of the President and the Vice-President

Disputes Regarding Presidential Election 

Term of Office 

Eligibility for re-election 

Oath of Office 

Election of Members to Lok Sabha 

Disqualifications for Membership 

Disqualification for Membership on Ground of Defection 

Tenth Schedule to the Constitution - An Appraisal 

Mode of Election 

Election of Members to Rajya Sabha 

Disputes Regarding Elections 

Vacation of Seats 


Office of Profit 

The Joint Committee to Examine the Constitutional and Legal
position relating to office of profit 


Presiding Officers of Lok Sabha 

Office of the Speaker 

Mode of Election 

Speaker's Seat 

Term of Office as Speaker 

Right of Speaker to Resign on Dissolution of the House 

Removal of Speaker or Deputy Speaker 

Speaker Pro tem 

Oath by Speaker 

Dress of the Speaker 

Office of the Deputy Speaker 

Election of Deputy Speaker 

Term of Office as Deputy Speaker 


Parliamentary Functionaries 


Powers and Functions 

Rulings of the Speaker 

Disciplinary Powers of the Speaker 

Miscellaneous Functions of the Speaker 

Deputy Speaker 

Panel of Chairmen 

Chairmen of Parliamentary Committees 

Duties and Powers 

Council of Ministers 

Functions of the Council of Ministers 

Council of Ministers and the Lok Sabha 

Leader of the House 

Leader of the Opposition 


Government Chief Whip 

Comptroller and Auditor-General 


Chief Election Commissioner 



Summoning and Prorogation of the Houses of Parliament and the
Dissolution of the Lok Sabha 

Summoning of Parliament 

Sessions of Lok Sabha 

Summoning of Lok Sabha 

Issue of Summons 

President's Address 

First Sitting of Lok Sabha 

Prorogation of the House 

Procedure for Prorogation 

Effects of Prorogation 

Dissolution of the House 

Procedure for Dissolution 

Effects of Dissolution 

Emergency Session 


President's Address, Messages and Communications
to the House 

President's Address 

Fixation of Date for the Address 

Ceremonies connected with the Address 

Laying of a copy of the Address on the Table 

Discussion on the Address 

Amendments to the Motion of Thanks 

Messages and Communications to the House 

Communications between the President and the House



Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Houses, their
Committees and Members 

Question of Codification of Privileges

Ambit and Scope of Privileges 

Main Privileges of Parliament 

Privilege of Freedom of Speech and Immunity from Proceedings 

Protection of Witnesses, etc., concerned in Proceedings in Parliament 

Right to Exclude Strangers 

Right to Control Publication of Proceedings 

Right of each House to be the Sole Judge of the Lawfulness of its own Proceedings 

Right of the House to Punish its Members for their Conduct in Parliament 

Proceedings in Parliament 

Evidence in Courts regarding Proceedings in Parliament 

Proceedings in Parliament and the Criminal Law 

JMM Case: Immunity from Proceedings in Court for Voting in the House 

Subsequent Developments 

Privilege of Freedom from Arrest or Molestation

Exemption from Attending as Witness in Courts

Immunity from Service of Legal Process and Arrest within the Precincts of the House 

House to be Informed of the Arrest, Detention, Conviction and Release of Members 

Communications from a Member in Custody to the Speaker or the Chairman of a Parliamentary Committee not to be Withheld 

Use of Handcuffs 

Extension of Privilege of Freedom from Arrest and Molestation to Witnesses, Petitioners, etc. 

Power of the House to Punish for Breach of Privilege or Contempt and Commit to Custody and Prison 

Period of Imprisonment 

Forms of Warrant 

Powers for the Execution of Warrants 

Protection to Officers Executing Orders of the House 

Form of Punishment for Breach of Privilege or Contempt 

Cash for Query Case 

Power of Expulsion 

Powers of Parliament within the Parliament House Estate 

Inquiry by Courts into Causes of Commitment by the House 

The Courts of Law and Matters of Privilege 

Typical Cases of Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House 

Misconduct in the Presence of the House or Committees thereof 

Disobedience of Orders of the House or its Committees 

Presenting False, Forged or Fabricated Documents to the House or its Committees 

Tampering with Documents Presented to the House or its Committees 

Speeches or Writings Reflecting on the House, its Committees or Members 

Publication of False or Distorted Report of Debates 

Publication of Expunged Proceedings 

Publication of Proceedings of Secret Sessions 

Premature Publication of Proceedings, Evidence or Report of a Parliamentary Committee 

Reflection on the Report of a Parliamentary Committee 

Circulation of Petitions Before Presentation 

Premature Publication of various Other Matters Connected with the Business of the House 

Obstructing Members in the Discharge of their Duties 

Arrest of Members 

Molestation of Members 

Attempts by Improper Means to Influence Members in their Parliamentary Conduct 


Intimidation of Members 

Obstructing Officers of the House

Refusal of Civil Officers of the Government to assist Officers of the House when called upon to do so 

Molestation of Officers of the House 

Obstructing and Molestation of Witnesses 

Tampering with Witnesses 

No Protection to Constituents and Others from Consequences of Disclosure of Information to Members of Parliament 

Cases not amounting to a Breach of Privilege or Contempt of the House 

Procedure for Dealing with Questions of Privilege 

Leave of the House for raising a Question of Privilege 

Consideration of a Question of Privilege 

Complaints against Members 

Complaints against Members or Officers of the Other House 

Reference of Questions of Privilege to Committee of Privileges by Speaker 

Power of Speaker to give Directions 

Attendance of a Member as Witness before the Other House or a House of State Legislature or Committee thereof 


Conduct of Members 320

Rules to be Observed by Members While Present in the House 

Questions to be Asked through the Chair 

Irrelevance or Repetition 

Rules to be Observed while Speaking 

Procedure when Speaker Rises 

Code of Conduct 

Automatic Suspension of Members who come to the Well of the House and Create Disorder Constitution of Ethics
Committee in Lok Sabha 

Members having Personal, Pecuniary or Direct Interest in Matters before the House or a Committee 

Involvement in Cases of Corruption 

Procedure for Inquiry into Conduct of a Member 

Ethical Principles 


Salaries, Allowances, Other Entitlements, Amenities and Facilities 

Salaries and Allowances of Officers of Parliament 

Other Facilities 

Salaries, Allowances and Other Entitlements of Members 

Salary and Daily Allowances 

Travelling Allowance 

Free Transit by Railway 

Allowances in Respect of Journeys Abroad 

Mode of Payment to the Members 

Pension to Ex-Members of Parliament

Family Pension to Spouse/Eligible Dependant of Deceased
Members/Ex-Members of Parliament 

Allowances, etc. given to Members Serving on Government Committees 

Travelling Allowance 

Daily Allowance 

Medical Facilities 

Housing Facilities 

Telephone Facilities 

Facilities to Members of Pre-Maturely Dissolved Lok Sabha Stenographic Assistance 

Advance for the Purchase of Conveyance 

Income Tax Relief 

Facilities provided by Parliament Library and Reference, 

Research, Documentation and Information Service

Parliament Library 

Rare and Art Books 

Children's Corner 

Documentation Service 

Press Clippings Service 

Microfilming Unit 

Research and Information Division 

Computerised Information Service

Parliament Museum and
Archives Division (PMA) 

Parliament Museum 

Archives Division 

Supply of Publications to Members 

Teleprinter Service 

Periodicals brought out by other Branches of the Lok Sabha

Other Facilities 

Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

Salaries, Allowances and Other Entitlements of Ministers 

Travelling and Daily Allowances 

Housing Facilities 

Medical Facilities 

Advance for the Purchase of Conveyance 

Abbreviations for Members of Parliament 


Recognition of Political Parties in Parliament 

Party-strength in Lok Sabha 

Conditions of Recognition 

Position after the coming into Force of the Tenth Schedule 

Facilities to Legislature Parties 


Oath, Affirmation, Seating of Members in the House 

Oath or Affirmation 

Rights of Members Prior to Making Oath or Affirmation 

Procedure regarding Making and Subscribing Oath or Affirmation 

Oath or Affirmation by a Member Returned in a By-election 

Seating of Members 


Leave of Absence of Members 

Constitutional Provisions 

Attendance Register 

Chart Showing Hourly Count 

Procedure for Obtaining Leave of Absence 

Absence of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Ministers 

Absence of Members who have not taken Oath or made Affirmation 

Procedure for Disposal of Applications for Leave of Absence 

Vacation of Seat 

Lapse of Unexpired Portion of Leave if the Member Attends the House Earlier 

Records regarding Attendance of Members 

Supply of Information regarding Attendance of Members 

Production of Documents regarding Attendance of Members in a Court of Law 


Sittings of the House 

Fixation of Sittings 

Hour of Commencement 

Commencement of a Sitting 

Quorum during the Sitting 

Adjournment of the House 

Secret Sitting of the House 


Arrangement of Business and List of Business 

Government Business 

(A) Items of Business Initiated by Government  

Papers Laid on the Table 

Statements and Personal Explanations 

Statements by Ministers on Matters of Urgent Public Importance

Statements in Response to Calling Attention Notices by Members 

Statements to Correct Inaccuracies 

Statement by a Member who has Resigned the Office of Minister 

Statement by Minister on Committee Reports

Personal Explanations by Members 

Motions for Election to Committees 

Motions for Introduction or Withdrawal of Bills 

Motions for Adoption of Reports of Committees 

Financial Business 

Legislative Business 



(B) Items of Business Initiated by Private Members and taken up in Government time 

Oath or Affirmation 

Obituary References 

References to Tragic Events 

References on Solemn Occasions 

Announcements made by the Speaker 

Private Members' Business 

Normal Sessions in a Year 

Regulation of Time Available During a Session 

Time for Government Business 

Time for Private Members' Business 

Arrangement of Government Business 

List of Business 



Question Hour 

Period of Notice 

Form of Notices of Questions 

Questions for Oral Answer 

Limits on the Number of Starred Questions 

Allotment of Days for Oral Answers to Questions 

Questions for Written Answer 

Answers to Questions 

Correction of Answers to Questions or Statement made by Minister 

Questions to Private Members 

Conditions of Admissibility of Questions 

Questions on Matters of Correspondence between Government of India and States 

Questions Concerning Allegations of Corruption against Ministers of State Government 

Questions Relating to Statutory Corporations, Other Organizations
and Companies in which Union Government have Financial
or Controlling Interest 

Statutory Corporations 

Financial Corporations and Banks 

Limited Companies 

Autonomous Organizations, Universities, etc. 

Statutory Organizations 

Admissibility of Questions 

List of Questions 

Mode of Asking Questions 

Withdrawal or Postponement of Questions 

Questions of Absent Members 

Supplementary Questions 

Short Notice Questions 

Lapse of Notices of Questions 

Publicity of Answers to Questions in Advance 

Half-an-hour Discussions 


Calling Attention to Matters of Urgent Public Importance 

Mode of Giving Notice 

Conditions of Admissibility

Procedure for Calling Attention 

Scope of Statements 

Conversion of Calling Attention into Short Duration Discussion 

Clubbing of Names


Motion for Adjournment on a Matter of Urgent Public Importance 

Notice of Adjournment Motion 

Admissibility of Adjournment Motion 

Ministerial Responsibility 

Matter must be Definite 

Matter must be Urgent 

Matter must be of Public Importance 

Restrictions on the Right to Move Motion 

Consent of Speaker 

Leave of the House 

Hour at which Motion is to be Taken Up 

Manner and Scope of Discussion 



Classification of Bills 

Money Bills and Financial Bills 

Money Bills 

Certification of a Money Bill 

Special Procedure Regarding Money Bills 

Financial Bills 

Financial Bills of Category `A' 

Financial Bills of Category `B' 

Financial Memoranda to Bills Involving Expenditure 

Salient Features of a Bill 



Enacting Formula 

Short Title 

Extent Clause 

Commencement Clause 

Interpretation or Definition Clause 

Duration Clause 

Declaratory Clause 

Rule-making Clause 

Repeal and Savings Clause 


Statement of Objects and Reasons 

Notes on Clauses 

Memorandum Regarding Delegated Legislation 

Memorandum Regarding Modifications Contained in a Bill to Replace an Ordinance 


Legislative Competence of the House 

Bills Originating in Lok Sabha 

Examination of Bills Before Introduction 

Publication of Bills Before Introduction 

Introduction of Government Bills 

Publication of Government Bills After Introduction 

Reference of Bills to Departmentally Related Standing Committees 

Motions After Introduction of Bills 

Motion for Consideration 

Circulation for Eliciting Public Opinion 

Motion for Reference to Select or Joint Committee 

Amendments to Motions Moved After Introduction of Bills 

Procedure After Presentation of Report of the Select or Joint Committee 

Clause-by-Clause Consideration of the Bill 

Amendments to Bills 

Notice of Amendments 

Period of Notice 

Form of Amendments 

Admissibility of Amendments 

Amendments to Amending Bills 

Amendments to Expiring Laws Continuance Bills 

Amendments Requiring President's Recommendation 

List of Amendments 

Selection of Amendments and New Clauses 

Mode of Moving Amendments

Consideration of Amendments 

Withdrawal of Amendments 

Third Reading of the Bill 

Correction of Patent Errors 

Consequential Corrections in Debates 

Adjournment of Debate on Bills 

Resumption of Adjourned Debate 

Dilatory Motion 

Withdrawal of Bills 

Register of Pending Bills 

Bills Other Than Money Bills Returned by Rajya Sabha with Amendments 

Money Bills Returned by Rajya Sabha 

Procedure in Lok Sabha Regarding Bills Originating in Rajya Sabha 

Assent to Bills 

Special Procedural Features Regarding Private Members' Bill

Notice of Bills 

Drafting of Bills 

Introduction of Bills 

Motions After Introduction 

Adjournment of Debate 

Register of Pending Bills 

Amendment to the Constitution 

Bills Seeking to Amend the Constitution 

Amendment by Simple Majority 

Amendment by Special Majority 

Amendment of the Constitution by Special Majority and Ratification by States 


Ordinances and Proclamations by the President 


Promulgation of Ordinances 

Bill Seeking to Replace Ordinance 

Statutory Resolutions Seeking Disapproval of Ordinances 

Ordinance for Appropriation out of the Consolidated Fund 


Proclamation of Emergency 

Proclamation of Emergency in Relation to Punjab 

Proclamation on Failure of Constitutional Machinery in States 

Proclamation of Financial Emergency 


Subordinate Legislation 

Control Over Subordinate Legislation 

Laying of Orders on the Table 

Modification of Orders 

Allotment of Time for Discussion and Moving of Motions 

Transmission of Amendments as Adopted by the Lok Sabha to the Rajya Sabha and the Minister Concerned 



Private Members' Resolutions 

Notices of Resolutions and Ballot 

Form and Content of Resolutions 

Conditions of Admissibility 

Resumption of Adjourned Debate on Private Members' Resolutions

Admitted Resolutions 

Allotment of Time for Resolutions 

Time-limit for Resolutions 684

Allocation of Time, Order and Disposal of
Outstanding Matters 

Moving of Resolutions 

Notice of Amendments 

Admissibility of Amendments 

Scope of Discussion 

Right to Reply 

Withdrawal of Resolution 

Government Resolutions 

Allotment of Time and Discussion 

Statutory Resolutions 

Resolutions under the Constitution 

Impeachment of the President 

Removal of the Vice-President 

Removal of the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha 

Removal of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker 

Disapproval of the Ordinances Promulgated by the President 

Legislation by Parliament with respect to a matter in the State List 

Creation of All India Services in National Interest 

Approval of Proclamation of Emergency and Proclamation issued in the case of Failure of Constitutional Machinery in a State

Resolutions under Acts of Parliament 

Status and Effect of Resolutions 



Classification of Motions 

Substantive Motions 

Substitute Motions 

Subsidiary Motions 

Ancillary Motions 

Superseding Motions 


Form of Amendment 

Notice of Amendment 

Mode of Moving Amendments 

Admissibility of Amendments 

Amendments to Proposed Amendments 

Selection of Amendments 

Scope of Debate on an Amendment 

Repetition and Withdrawal of Motions 

Motion for Discussion on a Matter of General Public Interest 

Form of Motion 

Censure Motion 

Conditions of Admissibility 

Admission of Notice and Allotment of Time 

No-day-yet-named Motions 

Discussion on the Motion 

Motions of Confidence 


Discussion on Matters of Urgent Public Importance for Short Duration 

Notice for Raising Discussion 

Conditions of Admissibility 

Fixation of Date for Discussion and Allotment of Time 

Procedure for Raising Discussion


Motions of Confidence and No-Confidence in the Council of

Cabinet Responsibility 

Motion of No-Confidence 

Censure Motion 

Restrictions on Moving the Motion of No-Confidence 

Leave of the House 

Discussion on the Motion and its Scope 

Statement by a Minister who has Resigned 

No Discussion on the Statement 

Ministers and Parliament 

Minister's Oath of Office and Secrecy and Disclosure of Information ???

Motion of Confidence 

Motions of Confidence and No-Confidence
during 1952-2009 



Procedure in Financial Matters 

Presentation of Budget 

Distribution of Budget Papers 

Leakage of Budget: Question of Privilege 

Discussion on the Budget 

Allotment of Time for Discussion 

General Discussion on the Budget 

Consideration of Demands for Grants by
Departmentally Related Standing Committees 

Discussion on Demands For Grants 

Procedure for Moving of Demands For Grants 

Scope of Discussion on Demands For Grants 


Cut Motions 

Disapproval of Policy Cut 

Economy Cut 

Token Cut 

Admissibility of Cut Motions 

Circulation of List of Cut Motions 

Procedure Regarding Moving of Cut Motions 

Circulation of Annual Reports and Performance Budgets of Ministries

Vote on Account 

Supplementary, Additional or Excess Grants 

Books of Demands For Grants 

Discussion on Supplementary or Excess Demands 

Cut Motions 

Token Grants 

Appropriation Bills 

Scope of Discussion 


Finance Bill 

Scope of Discussion 


Parliamentary Committees 
(Parliamentary Committees, Consultative Committees, Government Committees and Parliamentary Forums)

(A) Committees in General 

Committees of the Lok Sabha 

Constitution of a Joint Committee 

Appointment of Members to Committees 

Committees Appointed on a Motion Adopted by the House 

Committees Elected by the House 

Committees Nominated by the Speaker 

Filling of Casual Vacancies in Committees 

Term of Office 

Committees Nominated by the Speaker 

Committees Elected by the House 

Committees Appointed/elected on a Motion or Resolution 

Committees Appointed under a Statute 

Other Committees 

Objection to Membership 

Membership of Committee on Estimates or Public Accounts or Public Undertakings and of Government Committees 

Resignation from and Vacation of Seats in a Committee 

Resignations from the Membership of Other Bodies 

Powers of Committees 

Power to Appoint Sub-Committees 

Power to take Evidence or Call for Documents 

Power to Send for Persons, Papers and Records 

Power to Make Special Reports 

Power to Pass Resolutions on Matters of Procedure 

Power to Make Detailed Rules 

Sittings of Committees 

Venue of Sittings 


Admission of Strangers 

Admission of Members who are not Members of Committee 

Proceedings in Committees 


Procedure for Securing Attendance of Witnesses 

Counsel for a Witness 

Evidence on Oath Procedure for Examining Witnesses 

Decorum and Etiquette to be Observed by Witnesses 

Verbatim Record of Evidence 

Secret or Confidential Documents Submitted to a Committee not to be Quoted 

Prohibition on Publication of Evidence Before it is Reported to the House 

Laying of Evidence on the Table 

Circulation of Evidence to Members of the House 


Record of Decisions of a Committee 

Minutes of Sittings 

Laying of Minutes on the Table 

Reports of Committees 

Time-limit for Presentation of Report 

Extension of Time for Presentation of Report 

Preparation and Circulation of Draft Report 

Consideration and Adoption of Draft Report by Committee 

Minutes/Notes of Dissent 

Making the Report Available to Government before Presentation to House 

Presentation of Report to the House or the Speaker 

Reports of Committees and the House 

Reports which are not Discussed by the House 

Reports which are Discussed by the House 

Reports which are Discussed and Adopted by the House 

Reports which may or may not be Discussed by the House 

Disagreement between a Committee and the Government

Printing and Publication of Reports 

Circulation of Reports 

Effects of Prorogation on Business Pending Before Committees 

Unfinished Work of Committees 

(B) Individual Committees 

Business Advisory Committee 


Method of Working 

Report and Minutes 

Committee on Private Members' Bills and Resolutions 


Categorization of Bills 

Examination of Bills Seeking to Amend the Constitution 

Allocation of Time to Bills and Resolutions 

Procedure for Convening Sittings 



Select or Joint Committees on Bills 

Membership of Select Committee 

Membership of Joint Committee 

Members of Select or Joint Committees 

Adding of Members on Select or Joint Committee 

Filling of Casual Vacancies in Select or Joint Committees 

Term of Office 

Chairman's Duties, Powers, etc. 

Functions of a Select or Joint Committee 

Oral and Written Evidence before Select or Joint Committees 


Scope of Deliberations and Inquiry 

Nature and Contents of Report 

Consideration of Draft Report and the Bill as Amended by the Committee 

Minutes of Dissent and Notes 

Presentation of Report to the House 

Extension of Time for Presentation of the Report 

Printing and Distribution of Copies of the Report 

Committee on Papers Laid on the Table 

Composition and Term 

Scope and Functions 

Procedure of Working 

Committee on Petitions 



Contents of Report 

Nature of Recommendations 

Action to Implement Recommendations 

Representations to the Committee 

Public Accounts Committee 


Chairman of the Committee 


Excess Expenditure 

Nature and Scope of Examination 

Examination of Revenue Matters 

Examination of Reports of Comptroller and Auditor-General before their Presentation to Parliament 

Examination of Cases not included in the Reports of Comptroller and Auditor-General 

Examination of Cases Referred to the Committee 

Examination of Cases Pending before a Court of Law 

Consideration of Audit Reports and Selection of Paragraphs 

Sub-Committees and Working Groups 

On-the-spot Study Group 

Comptroller and Auditor-General 

Sittings of the Committee 


Examination of the Representatives of Private Companies, Non-Government Bodies, etc. 

Preparation and Presentation of Report 

Implementation of the Recommendations 

Procedure in case of Disagreement between the Government and the Committee 

Discussion on the Report 

Committee on Estimates 



Examination of `Charged' Items 

Examination of Matters of Special Interest 

Formation of Sub-Committee/Study Groups 

Study Tours by the Committee 

Assistance to the Committee 


Calling of Official Witnesses 

Examination of Non-official Witnesses 

Examination of the Representatives of Private Companies,
Non-Government Bodies, etc. 

List of Points/Questions for Oral Examination 


Recording of Dissenting Views 

Preparation of Report 

Factual Verification of the Reports 

Discussion on the Report of the Committee 

Implementation of the Recommendations 

Laying of Action Taken Statements 

Report of Government Committee Appointed in pursuance of
the Committee's Recommendations 

Committee on Public Undertakings 


Filling of Casual Vacancies 


Procedure in Committee 

Horizontal Study of Public Undertakings 

Study Groups/Sub-Committees 

Study Tours 


Assistance of Comptroller and Auditor-General 

Preparation and Presentation of report 

Minutes of Sittings 

Implementation of Recommendations 

Committee of Privileges 


Consideration of Report 

Committee on Subordinate Legislation 



Scope of Deliberations and Inquiry 

Procedure of Working 

Evidence of Officials 

Study Tours 

Presentation of Report 

Implementation of Recommendations 

Committee on Government Assurances 


Implementation of Assurances 

Study Tours 


Preparation and Presentation of the Report 

Laying of Minutes 

Committee on Absence of Members from the Sittings of the House 


Proceedings in the Committee 


Nature and Contents of the Report 

Rules Committee 


Procedure for Amendment of Rules 

General Purposes Committee 

Implementation of Recommendations 

House Committee 

Library Committee

Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament 

Joint Committee on Offices of Profit 

Procedure of work 

Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 



Procedure in the Committee 

Selection of subjects 

Sub-Committees/Study Groups 


On-the-spot Study Visits 


Preparation and Presentation of Reports 

Minutes of Sittings 

Committee on Empowerment of Women 



Procedure in the Committee 

Railway Convention Committee 

Convention of 1949 the First after Independence 


Term of Office 


Examination of other subjects 

Rate of Dividend 

Consideration of Report 

Committee on Members of Parliament Local Area Development
Scheme (Lok Sabha) 

(C) Departmentally Related Standing Committees 

Evolution and Constitution of Standing Committees 

Rules Governing Standing Committees 


Appointment of Chairman 

Minister not to be Member of the Committee 

Term of Office 


Procedure relating to Consideration of Demands for Grants 

Procedure relating to Consideration of Bills 

Examination of Annual Reports 

Appointment of Sub-Committees/Study Groups 

Procedure for Examination of Subjects 

Reports and Minutes 

Action Taken Reports 

Statement by Minister on Committee Reports 

(D) Committees other than Parliamentary Committees on which Members were/are Represented 

Standing Committees of Legislative Bodies 

Standing Finance Committee 

Other Standing Committees 

Consultative Committees 

Government Committees 

(E) Parliamentary Forums 

Evolution and Constitution of Fora 

Objectives of constitution of Parliamentary Fora 


Association of Experts 

Term of Office 

Filling up of Casual Vacancies 

Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation & Management 

Parliamentary Forum on Youth 

Parliamentary Forum on Children 

Parliamentary Forum on Population & Public Health 

Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change 

Distinction between Parliamentary Committees and Parliamentary Forum 


General Rules of Procedure 


Contingent Notices 

Modification of Notices 

Power of Speaker to rule out Motion 

Anticipating Discussion 

Lapsing of Notices 

Recommendation of the President 

Printing of the Recommendation on Bills 

How Members are called upon to Speak 

Selection of Members called upon to Speak 

Mode of Addressing the House 

Rules to be Observed While Speaking 

Discussion on sub judice Matters 

Member Appointed Minister in a State 

Making of Allegation against a Person 

Order of Speeches and the Right of Reply 

Address by Speaker 


Limitation of Debate 

Question for Decision 


Ringing of Division Bells 

No Speeches During Division 

Discretion of Speaker not to Allow Division 

Division by the Automatic Vote Recorder 

Division by Distribution of `Ayes' and `Noes' slips 

Division by going into the Lobbies 

Irregularities in a Division 

Division when Division Numbers have not been Allotted 

Division Lists 

Voting by Deputy Speaker and Members on the Panel of Chairmen 

Casting Vote 

Maintenance of Order

Point of Order 

Raising of Public Issues under Rule 377 

When to table the Notice 

Validity of Notices 

Conditions of Admissibility 

When raised 

Limit on raising Matters 

Matters of Urgent Public Importance raised after `Question Hour' i.e. during `Zero Hour'

Emergence of the term `Zero Hour' 

Present Scenario 

Evolution of Procedural Regulations 


Suspension of Rules

Presence of Ministers in the House

Residuary and Inherent Powers of the Speaker 


Admission of Strangers to Lok Sabha 

Lok Sabha Galleries 


Central Hall and its Galleries 

Admission of Visitors when Lok Sabha is not in Session 


Petitions and Representations 


Scope of Petitions 

Requirements of a Petition 

Admissibility of Petitions 

Presentation of Petitions to the House 

Requirements of Notice and Manner of Presentation

Reporting of Petitions by the Secretary-General 

Petitions after Presentation stand referred to the Committee on Petitions 

Petitions on Bills Pending Before a Select/Joint Committee 



Papers Laid on the Table and Custody of Papers 

Papers Laid on the Table 

Papers Laid under the Constitution 

Papers Laid under the Statutes 

Papers Laid under the Rules of Procedure 

Papers Laid under Directions of the Speaker 

Papers quoted to be Laid on the Table 

Correspondence between Ministers 

Members' Right to Quote from Secret Documents 

Speaker's Permission for Laying Papers 

Competence to Lay Papers on the Table 

Authentication of Papers to be Laid 

Procedure for Laying Papers on the Table 

Papers Laid by Government 

Papers Laid by Members 

Circulation of Papers Laid 

Re-laying of Papers 

Laying of Sensitive Notifications 

Correction in the Paper Laid on the Table 

Withdrawal of Papers Laid on the Table 

Consequences of Laying Papers on the Table 

Custody of Papers 

Committee on Papers Laid on the Table 


Languages Used in Lok Sabha 

Languages used in the House 

Languages used in Parliamentary Committees 

Simultaneous Interpretation of Proceedings 


Preparation of Official Report of Proceedings of the House, Parliamentary Committee, etc. 

Reporting of Proceedings in the House 

Confirmation by Members 

Proceedings of Secret Sittings 

Reporting of Proceedings of Parliamentary Committees 

Reporting of Proceedings of Conferences, Seminars, Work Shops, Lectures, etc. 


Expunction of Words from Proceedings of the House or its Committee 

Indication in Proceedings Regarding Expunctions 

Intimation to the Press Regarding Expunctions 

Effect of Expunction when Proceedings are Telecast Live 

Effect in Law Regarding Expunction 

Expunction in Video Recorded Version of Proceedings of the House 

Expunctions from Proceedings of Parliamentary Committees 


Printing and Publication of Parliamentary Papers 


Indexes to Debates 

Synopsis of Debates 


Reports of Select/Joint Committees 

Sale of Parliamentary Publications/Souvenirs 


Secretariat and Budget of Lok Sabha 

The Secretariat 

Conditions of Service and Recruitment Rules 

Adaptation of Pay Commission's Recommendations 

First Parliamentary Committee for Pay Revision and Reorganisation 

Second Parliamentary Committee for Pay Revision 

Consequent upon Implementation of the Recommendations of the Fourth Central Pay Commission 

Third Parliamentary Committee for Pay Revision 

Consequent upon Implementation of the Recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission 

Fourth Parliamentary Committee for Revision of Structure of Pay Consequent upon Implementation of the Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission 

Broad Division of Work on Functional Basis 

Joint Recruitment in the Two Secretariats 

Staff Welfare 

Working of the Lok Sabha Secretariat 

Implementation of RTI Act 

Budget of Lok Sabha 

Financial Autonomy 

Integrated Financial Unit (IFU) 

Monitoring of Finance 

Mode of Drawal of Funds 

Authentication of Orders 

Accountability and Audit 

Integrated Financial Unit (IFU) and Financial Advisor 

Computerisation of Different Services 

Information and Communication Technology 

Information available on Parliament of India Home Page 

Lok Sabha Speaker Website 

Parliament Museum Website 

LARRDIS Related Databases 

Computer Facilities to Members of Parliament 

Procurement and Maintenance of Computer 

Members' Query Booth 


Information Kiosks 

Intranet and E-Mail Services 


The Parliament Estate 

Sansad Bhawan (Parliament House)  

Central Hall 

Lok Sabha Chamber 

Telecasting/Broadcasting of the proceedings 

Restrictions on use of the Chamber 

Members' Lobbies 


Rajya Sabha Chamber 

Library Hall 

Committee Rooms 

Ministers' Rooms 

Cabinet Room 

Party Office Rooms 

Sansadiya Soudha (Parliament House Annexe

Sansadiya Gyanpeeth (Parliament Library Building) 

Reading Hall for Members of Parliament 

The Library 

G.M.C. Balayogi Auditorium 

Other Facilities Provided 

Reception Office 

Electric Sub-station 

Arrangements for Members to meet Visitors 

Special Amenities to Members in the Parliament House 

Admission of Visitors when Parliament is not in Session 

Special Services for Members 


Parliament and the States 

The Governor 

Choice of Chief Minister 

Council of Ministers to hold Office during
Governor's Pleasure 

Summoning of the Assembly 

Prorogation of the Assembly 

Dissolution of the Assembly 

Parliament and State Matters 


Parliament and Judiciary 

Appointment of Judges 

Conditions of Service of Judges

Resignation and Removal of Judges from Office 

Relation of Courts with the Legislature 

Courts not to Inquire into Proceedings of Parliament 

Restrictions on Questions and Discussion on Conduct of Judges in Parliament 

Discussion on Sub judice Matters 

Committee of Presiding Officers on Measures to promote Harmonious Relations between the Legislature and the Judiciary 

Resolutions Adopted at the Presiding Officers' Conference 


Parliament and Civil Service 

Role of Ministers vis-a-vis Civil Servants 

Doctrine of Ministerial Responsibility 

Functions of Civil Service vis-a-vis Parliament 

Members of Parliament and Civil Servants 

Civil Servants and the Franchise 


Parliament and the Press 

Freedom of the Press 

Parliamentary Privileges and the Press 

Press Gallery Facilities 

Supply of Parliamentary Papers 

Press Room Facilities 

Press Library and Reference Facilities 

Central Hall and Lobby Facilities 

Media Work Station, Parliament Library Building 

Issue of Press Releases 

Facilities to Government Publicity Organizations 

Facilities to Press Photographers 

Facilities Provided during Conferences 

Teleprinter Service 

Orientation Programme for Media Persons 

Catering Facilities for the Press 

Access to Media Person's Children to the Children's Corner 


Telecasting and Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings 


Guidelines for Telecasting the Proceedings 

Revision of Guidelines in May 2005 

Recording of Parliamentary Proceedings 

Robotically Controlled Multi Camera System 

Dedicated Satellite Channels for Live Telecast 

The Launch of Lok Sabha Satellite Television Channel Unit (LSTV) 

Audio-Visual Unit and Telecasting Unit 

Audio-Visual Unit 

Audio Cassettes 

Video Cassettes 

VCDs of Rajya Sabha Proceedings 

Telecasting Unit

Supply of Video Cassettes of the Proceedings of the Lok Sabha 


International Parliamentary Conferences, Presiding Officers'
Conferences and Seminars 

Indian Parliamentary Group 

Seminars on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure for the CPA Branches 

Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of Commonwealth


Standing Committee 

India Region of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association 

The Association of SAARC Speakers and Parliamentarians 

Relationship between Parliament and State Legislatures 

Conference of Presiding Officers of Legislative Bodies 

Conference of Secretaries of Legislative Bodies 

Conference of Chairmen of Parliamentary Committees 

Other Media of Contacts 

Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training 

Orientation Programmes for Members of Parliament/State Legislatures 

Lecture Series for Members

Seminars and Workshops for Members of Parliament/State Legislatures 

Computer Awareness Programmes 

Programmes for Foreign Parliamentarians 

Appreciation Courses for Probations of All India and Central Services and Government Officials 

Courses for Parliamentary and State Legislature Officials 

Lok Sabha Internship Programme



Inter-Parliamentary Relation and Exchanges

Indian Parliamentary Group 

Seminars on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure for the CPA Branches 

Annual CPA Seminar 

India Region Seminar 

Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of   Commonwealth Parliaments

India Region of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association 


Standing Committee 

India Region of Commonwealth Parliamentary  Association 

India Region of Commonwealth Women  Parliamentarians 

The Association of SAARC Speakers and   Parliamentarians 

Relationship between Parliament and State  Legislatures 

Conference of Presiding Officers of Legislative   Bodies 

Conference of Secretaries of Legislative   Bodies

Conference of Chairperson of Parliamentary  Committees

Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and  Training 

Orientation Programmes for Members of Parliament/State   Legislatures 

Lecture Series for  Members 

Prof. Hiren Mukerjee Memorial Annual Praliamentary   Lecture 

Seminars and Workshops for Members of Parliament/State   Legislatures 

Computer Awareness Programmes

Familiarization Programmes for Media  Persons

Programmes for Foreign  Parliamentarians

Appreciation Courses for Probations of All India   and Central Services and Government  Officials Central Services  and Government  Officials                 

Courses for Parliamentary and State Legislature   Officials

Study Visits

Lok Sabha Internship  Programme